Dear Prospective Partner!

We undertake to organise transports of normal packaged goods and ADR shipments within territory of Europe. The means of transport shall, of course, have adequate insurance and impeccable equipment so that the goods can reach their intended destination in time and safely.

- Less than truck load (LTL)
- Full truck load (FTL)
- Normal packaged goods
- Hazardous packaged goods (ADR)

- Class 1 - x
- Class 2 - yes
- Class 3 - yes
- Class 4 - yes
- Class 5 - yes
- Class 6 - yes

- Class 7 - x
- Class 8 - yes
- Class 9 - yes

Our tasks have been organized according to the standard of MSZ EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System. In order to ensure quality, we use modern software (Transorg Sped, TIR) and we archive the complete documentation of the transport tasks digitally in pdf form.

Our partners receive immediate information about goods' position and when those goods arrive at their destination.
If necessary, we give to our Partners access to WebEye or WebDispecink.
Our main relations are Italy, Czech Republic, France, but we undertake to ship normal and hazardous goods to / from any European country.

If you have any difficulty in serving your Customer with quality service or accuracy, please contact us!

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