We can help you if you do not speak Hungarian:

  • In case of a truck's broken down
  • In case of an official control
  • In case of an ADR control by NDGDM (Disaster Management)
  • In case of an accident

How and why:

There are thousands of international trucks on the Hungarian roads daily. Many of them transport dangerous goods, too.

The frequent Authority Controls reveal irregularities in number of cases.
These are big problems in themselves, but lack of knowledge of the Hungarian language makes them even worse.

Drivers in most cases do not understand what kind of irregularities they admit and sign on the official record.
Has this ever caused a serious problem to you?
Would you like someone to help you in a situation like this to avoid further problems?

If the truck is broken down and needs technical rescue, or cause/suffer an accident, communication is an additional problem because the driver does not speak Hungarian. 
Would you like someone to give you a hand in a situation like this?

In case of need contact us: phone +36 70 3757296 or write us:


(ADR training information and Dangerous Goods Safety Advisory description are available only in Hungarian language)

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